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SGU and Comic Con

Here a little synopsis of some links to the Stargate Universe Comic Con Panel 2010, enjoy! :)


Masters of the universe
The cast of Stargate Universe come in peace and geekiness

What´s Ahead for "SGU"?

Love is in the air for Season 2

Comic con Celebrity Sightseeing at Cafe Diem. (Nice Robert Carlyle and David Blue Photo)

Ming Na talks to flickercast

Stargate Universe's Eli Gets Some Lovin'

Deamonstv SGU Comic Con Panel:

Robert Carlyle, Ming Na and David Blue dish out on what is in store for season 2 of Stargate Universe and even talk about a bit about season 2.


The whole SGU Panel

i-Report: Stargate Universe at Comic-Con. Robert Carlyle, Ming Na and David Blue

Robert Carlyle and David Blue on 'Stargate,' its future, and Comic-Con

buzzfocus interviews with Robert Carlyle, Alaina Huffman, David Blue and Robert C. Cooper

Comics Online Interviews the SGU cast

David Blue with chuckthemovieguy

Alaina Huffman with chuckthemovieguy

SyFy at Comic-Con, David Blue first person from Zune:
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