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Robert Carlyle, SGU

My new favorite Stargate Universe actor ! *see above*
I have made a little Interview, Q&A´s and video links round up. Things I just find recently on the Internet and think are very informative. This is for all old and new  Robert Carlyle and Dr. Nicholas Rush fans out there, enjoy!

*comments are love! :)
*Dr. Rush and RC banner

It´s a Man´s World 
Q&A Robert Carlyle

This is as good as it get´s
Robert Carlyle - A Man for all seasons
The Saturday Profile: A man for all regions
To be and to pretend
Destiny calling
Carlyle to Canada
Carlyle reveals tearful vigils for late father
Glad to be bad
Method man
Taking it seriously 
Robert Carlyle on Stargate Universe
Superstar give us a low-down about his character Dr. Nicholas Rush
Begbie´s gone soft
Here´s.... Bobby

Love a bit of Bobby
(fun Radio Interview ca. 7 min)
Robert Carlyle Stargate Interview on Sky (video interview, talks about SGU  5:37 min)
BAFTA - A life in Pictures (29:38 min)
Ravenous Interview with Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle (2:49 min) Interview with RC about Stargate (he also talks about an visit to India 4:36)
Fox News: Carlyle about his new action adventure series (overexcited interviewer, kind of funny 6:39 min)
The Daily Record - Scottish BAFTA´s 2009 (red carpet interview 2:30 min)
Sky1- SGU Access all Areas (cool Interview and behind the scenes stuff with the whole SGU cast)
Robert Carlyle - Screen Talk (17:55 min)

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