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Robert Carlyle link round up

Here another new batch of interesting tidbits, interviews and videos about Robert Carlyle and SGU.
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Pictures and Interviews

Lot´s of RC photos from the "Eragon" and "I Know You Know" movie Premiere:

Space Channel SGU Special Studio Pictures with the cast and crew from Toronto:

Informative Robert Carlyle and Antonia Bird Interview from the Guardian:,4479,71612,00.html

Robert Carlyle "I want to play Jesus" interview from The Sun:

I had a trial marriage with Hollywood but now we are separated. The Scotsman:

Another "The Scotsman" Interview:

Robert Carlyle: Family Man:

A Chat With Robert Carlyle of Stargate Universe. Premium Hollywood interview:

I had it with British Films: Telegraph Interview: 

Beam me up Robbie: Spoilers for SGU Season 2:

Playing Hitler was my toughest role: Interview with video:

Director Jamie Rafn talks about the Johnny Walker ad with Robert Carlyle:


If you scroll down you find an nice little interview about his role in 24 lenght 2:35 min:

Two more on 24 and Kiefer Sutherland 1:20 min
and Korbi talks to new 24 cast members 2:33 min.

Two vids from the Eragon Premiere: 2:22 min
and 3:27 min.

28 Weeks later MSN Zoom special. RC is about 2 min in. Very lovely clip from the press conference:

"This is England" wins for best award on the Southbank show, Robert Carlyle presents the award:

Hilarious clip from the English Comedy "Chewing the Fat". Robert plays himself:

Celebrity Scrapbook gallery Robert Carlyle is signing autographs, short clip:

WAM TV interview with RC from 2007, found purely by accident 5:24 min.
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