May 7th, 2010

Die Gedanken sind Frei

Thoughts are Free. I think the premise of this old German folk song fits in today's society as good as in every other time period . Now-days people are in real danger to drop back (all over the world and in parts it´s still reality), to dangerous patterns. Not only with the millions of possibility of the Internet, mobile phones, cameras, navigation tools, satellites and Goggle Earth everywhere, we are one step away from loosing our free speech and thoughts again. With the wrong people on the wrong positions, we have to worry once more that all the good things the 80´s have brought us, will turn bad in this century, because no one cares about personal rights any more and too spy on somebody seems not to be a problem any more for many people.

Why do I write this? It´s simple, just think about this topic a bit and you´ll discover, that our data privacy with all the scandals you heard of in the news etc. is no longer given and the right we once thought we had. And that really makes me sad and angry.

*if you have something to say on this topic, feel free.
*click here for the songs very fitting text, in German and English. At least that is still true

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